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Deal Description:

The borrowers had a six-plex, a twelve-plex, and a single-unit rental property, as well as their personal home. All of these were personally held.  Two of the properties, the single-family home and the six-plex had mortgage terms coming due, making refinancing necessary.


To refinance both of the properties.


The borrowers were both self-employed, one as a real estate agent and one as the manager of their real estate holdings. They had good provable income.


Their credit was excellent.


They had too many doors and buildings for even the most lenient of residential lenders.

 Final outcome:

Using commercial mortgages, we refinanced, with 5-year closed mortgages for less than 2.1%.  The criteria for the commercial mortgages were based on the rental income and debt coverages of each of the buildings and not the personal income of the borrowers. The number of doors personally held became irrelevant

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