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Commercial mortgages are scary!
Commercial mortgages are scary! Not to those who know how to do them. There are many who say they know how, but don’t really. That is especially true for do-it-yourselfers. There is little that will...
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Something New For Freeing The Equity In Your Home
It’s Here! A perfect vehicle has arrived for those who don’t quite fit the criteria of a Reverse Mortgage but would still like to use some of their home’s equity, to help their children or...
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Mortgages for Investment Properties – What You Need to Know
Perhaps you’d like a place to rent out and have someone else pay some or all of your mortgage while you build equity in a tangible real estate asset, or perhaps as a homefor your child to live...
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Home Is Where The Equity Is!
“We can no longer dismiss a reverse mortgage as an icky last resort for financially desperate homeowners.” Since their introduction in 1986, there has been only one source for reverse mortgages, Home...
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