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Commercial Financing saves Another Multi-Residential Deal.
Deal Description: The borrowers had a six-plex, a twelve-plex, and a single-unit rental property, as well as their personal home. All of these were personally held. Two of the properties, the...
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Federal Budget April 20212, Housing Hghlights
Breaking News The federal government unveiled its highly anticipated budget today, which didn’t include any substantive measures aimed at cooling the much talked about the heated housing market, as...
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BFS Income Saves a Second Home Mortgage
Deal Description: The borrowers, who lived in Ontario. Whished a home for their son in Alberta, with a mother-in-law suite. Purpose: To purchase a second home with an insured mortgage Employment: ...
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I am your Commercial Mortgage Guy. My background, pre-TMG, is in major commercial construction and real estate development. I didn’t know how to do a house until I had to do mine and now, I use the...
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