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A New Mortgage Possibility with Payment Lock Mortgages
Rates Will Increase. Interest rates are at an all-time low. Everybody knows that. Although there may be some downward pressure in the short-run, in the long term, there is nowhere for the rates to go...
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Impossible residentially, but commercially done!
Deal Description: The borrowers had six single-unit rental properties, as well as their personal home. All of these were personally held under one bank account. Most had substantial equity. None was...
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Private mortgages save home
Deal Description:The borrower had a beautiful country home in mid-Ontario. His present mortgage was in default and up for renewal and his credit was poor, all because of COVID layoffs.Purpose:To...
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The pandemic housing craze is fueling a reverse mortgage surge.
Reverse mortgages are increasing in popularity. Reverse mortgages have recently increased in popularity as nearly one-third of Canadians are approaching retirement with little or no savings. In this...
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