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Case Study: Conventional Contract-rate Mortgage Saves the Day
Deal Description: The borrowers had been living in a house owned by one of the parents, because of some bruised credit and questionable income. Purpose: To complete the purchase of their existing...
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Banks are not your friends.
BanksBanks are not your friends. Oh, don’t get me wrong. The nice person who takes you to lunch might be your friend. He or she takes you to lunch because they want your business and that’s normal....
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Happy New Year
I would like to depart from boring mortgages today, to wish all of you a very happy and safe new year full of health, peace and wonder. You may wish to borrow my resolution below: This year, I will...
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Private Mortgage Solves Business Problem
Deal Description: Our clients were developing a business, unfinanceable by the mainstream lenders, located in rental premises. The only way possible to finance the business development, was through...
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